Why We Still Use Palm Oil in our products

I love animals.  My fiancé pokes fun at the fact that I freak out and become a hypochondriac maniac when one of our pets looks a little off colour.  Out comes my phone and I will google away looking at all the worst case scenarios of issues they may have, so the use of palm oil causing harm to our cousins, the orangutans does not sit well with me.   The big issue that many people are neglecting though is that by boycotting palm oil they are not solving the problem just shifting it to different oil.  Deforestation will continue as the problem has not been eradicated.   This will result in more deforestation not less.  Compared to other sources of oil, palm oil crops yield around 4 to 10 times more oil per unit of land.  So as you can see the problem will get worse not better by ditching it altogether.
The real solution is to use a sustainable palm oil.  We happily pay a higher price for our palm oil to ensure that the oil we use comes from a sustainable source that does not cause unnecessary devastation and harm to the land and the wildlife living there.
Our palm oil comes from a supplier who are RSPO https://www.rspo.org/about
At Man Mud we want to do things the right way!