If you have a question feel free to contact us. For your convenience we have also put together a list of commonly asked questions below.


My order hasn’t arrived?

How long you should wait before contacting us varies on where you have ordered from
We have listed below how long you should wait before reaching out. Please be advised that holidays, strikers and extreme weather conditions that affect the chosen method of delivery may cause delays in shipping that are out of our control.
UK – 1 week
Europe – 2 weeks
Australia – 3 weeks
Asia – 4 weeks
Canada & US – 2 weeks

How long will my order take?

Usually we try to ship all orders that have cleared payment same day if ordered before 4pm on a business day.
Delivery time will vary depending on selected postage method.
If tracking details are available for your order we will provide these via email or sms.

About Man Mud

How do I know when my product expires?

If the product expires it will have it marked on the packaging.  For example as our Mud Mask is a completely natural product with no preservative it has an 18 month shelf life. This is stamped onto the package along with the lot number which is crimped onto the top of the tube.

Do you use packaging that can be recycled?

Yes all our packaging is totally recycable. We are looking at ways to improve our tubes as even sugarcane is still not at the level we would like though.
Our soap and facecloth packaging use recycled kraft so that has a double effect. We use what is already there and you can still put the package in recyling.
For our Razors we wanted the packaging to match how premium they are so the box is a higher grade stock but it is still recycable and has a card insert instead of polypropylene foam.

What does the Low Ecological Footprint Product logo mean?

This is our own promise that with this product we have done all we can to keep our carbon footprint down. To source the clay for example we could use heavy machinery to dig and we could irradiate the clay but we instead use man power. This helps protects the environment that provides us with the pristine clay you will find in our products.

Do you test on animals?

We do not test on animals and use only suppliers and ingredients that are not tested on animals. We are currently completing the process of leaping bunny certification and will display their logo on our packaging once this is completed

Mud Mask

Mud Mask made my face red is this normal?

This is perfectly normal and happens due the high mineral content in the clay. The clay brings blood to the surface of your skin while it absorbs impurities so do not worry it will fade on its own.